What Your Font Choice Is Saying About You

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Type is everywhere, including right in front of you. We see it all the time, and you may think you don’t pay attention to it. All words look the same right? Wrong. The fonts we see, in signage, presentations, packaging, texts, influence us in subtle ways.

Take Elon Musk‘s ‘fifth mode’ of transportation, the Hyperloop, an alternative to boats, planes, automobiles and trains. According to Musk (founder of Paypal and Tesla, the electric car company), you would be able to travel from downtown Los Angeles to downtown San Francisco in under 30 minutes, or 343 miles at more than 685 mph by Hyperloop. That’s more than twice as fast as the world’s fastest train.

To date Musk has only talked about the idea. But it’s been graphically immortalized by ‘Tinker’ John Gardi. Unfortunately he used Comic Sans.

779561795-#HyperLoop Rendered by 'Tinker' John Gardi

It’s very informative. Indeed Musk has confirmed it as a close representation of his original idea…

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